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5 Questions to Ask Your Solar Electrician in Ballarat to Ensure Safe Installation


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When households in Ballarat are searching for a company to perform solar installations, they must prioritize safety by choosing a reputable and experienced Solar Electrician.

With eligible households awarded generous solar rebates, Solar Victoria has established highly rigorous safety standards and is allowing only accredited solar electrical companies to participate in the Solar Homes Program that began early this year.

Making safety a key to the solar audit program, Solar Victoria aims to promote safety and quality with as many as 600 post-installation inspections completed.

Like with any other thing, precaution is the best cure. For your household’s solar installation to pass the solar audit, you must ask your solar installer these 5 crucial questions before you go any further.

For this article, we will focus on solar installations in Ballarat to fit the exact needs of the readers.

Are you an accredited Solar Electrician?”

Ideally, your solar installer in Ballarat should be CEC (Clean Energy Council) approved company. In most cases, your solar installer might also be a licensed electrician in Ballarat accredited for solar installations. But that’s not the only accreditation you would need to look for. If the components, designer, and installer are not CEC accredited, you are not likely to get the government rebate for Small Scale Technology Certificates.

How long have you been working as a Solar Electrician in Ballarat?

As with any other industry, experience matters when it comes to solar installation. The more installations your solar installer has completed the better. This is only possible if your installer or a solar accredited licensed electrician in Ballarat has been in the industry for more than 5 years.

This should bring you to the next question of whether all installations by your accredited solar installer has passed the quality and safety audit.

Have your installations ever failed a government inspection?

This is an important question to ask. If an installation carried out by your solar installer in Ballarat has been considered unsafe by the auditor, the government will require the installer to rectify the issue as early as detected and a compliance action might be taken against them if not being outright excluded from the Solar Homes Program.

Are your solar installations in Ballarat backed by a warranty?

Every good solar installer in Ballarat should be able to provide you a minimum of 5-year whole system warranty and a ten or more years warranty on labour along with the necessary documentation before and after the installation.

Do your products meet safety requirements and qualify for solar rebates?

The products used and Clean Energy Council must accredit the system design for installation. Just by doing that, you will cut 90% of the installers from the list you have been considering and also ensure a safe solar installation for your home in Ballarat.

Wrapping up

According to a survey conducted by Choice Australia last year, an alarming number of 22% of respondents chose their solar installer based on the price. This is something to be cautious about! 

Choosing the right solar installer in Ballarat is key to quality installation and great after-sales service.

As licensed and accredited solar installers and electricians in Ballarat, we use the highest quality products to ensure your transition to solar is not just smooth. Still, you continue to reap the benefits of your investment for years to come.

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