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Why Electrical Cables and Wires Must Meet Australian Electrical Standards

Australian electrical standards

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Adhering to Australian electrical standards can significantly reduce the risk of electrical hazards caused by faulty wiring or low-quality wires. 

The Australian electrical standards provide strict guidelines for installing, maintaining and using electrical systems and appliances, ensuring they are safe and reliable. 

Using high-quality wiring and following these standards can minimise the risk of electrical hazards, protecting property and people from potentially life-threatening situations.

There are many wire manufacturers and installers in Australia. They must be regulated and controlled by the authorities. That’s why the authorities have introduced standards. They will provide a guideline for the manufacturers and installers about the required manufacturing and installation criterias of the wires.

The standards will ensure the quality and consistency of wires and cables. The primary concern for enforcing these standards is to ensure the safety of society and the practitioners.

This article will give you a brief overview of the standards related to wires and cables so that you can get a clear idea about them.

Why should you use quality electrical wires?

Electricity plays an essential role in our daily life. It’s a convenient and safe energy source, given that you use quality wires and use correct wiring methods.

There are various benefits of installing quality electrical wires and cables. One such benefit is the reliability and safety of the wires. Standardized wires will have quality insulators and conductors. Therefore quality wires will ensure a smooth flow of electricity and also help to minimize electrical hazards.

Low-quality wires have low durability. Therefore they must be replaced every now and then, raising the replacement cost. However, branded wires are durable and will help to reduce the replacement cost. Good quality wires will help to save your money in the long run.

Therefore quality wires will ensure your safety and save your money in the long run.

Why standards are essential for wires

Consumers must feel safe when installing electrical wires. They must know that they are using quality wires which will avoid electrical hazards. This is where the standards come into play.

The standards will dictate the essential features which must be available in a particular product to ensure its quality. The quality and reliability of a wire depend on various factors. A few of them are the material used as the conductors, the insulators, and the wire gauge. 

Therefore, standards will help to ensure the wires’ consistency, quality, and reliability. If you see that a particular brand has obtained the accreditations from the Standards Australia, you must feel a sense of safety and relief. 

Always look for the standardized brands, when you purchase electrical wires.

What are the Australian electrical standards for electrical wires?

Various standards in Australia govern the electrical wires’ physical features and the rules to be followed when installing wires.

There are two main committees that have developed these standards in Australia in collaboration with New Zealand . These committees are:

  • EL-001: Wiring Standards
  • EL-003: Electrical Wires and Cables


EL-001: Wiring Standards

This committee developed the AS/NZS 3000:2018 standard, which states the technical instructions for electrical installations. This helps the electricians to construct, design, and verify electrical installations.

This standard is also known as the “Wiring Rules.” This was developed in 2018 and replaced the AS/NZS 3000:2007 .

The new wiring rule guideline has two parts. The first part gives an overview of the fundamental safety principles and minimal regulatory requirements essential for safe electrical installations.

The other part describes the solutions to achieve the safety principles for safe installations. These rules will guide the electricians to install the appropriate equipment for the given situation.

If you want the complete wiring rule guide, you can purchase the guidance book from the Sai Global website. You are recommended to buy the book only from trusted sources such as Sai Global. This is since a pirated copy of this guideline was shared on social media that contains false information.


EL-003 Electrical Wires and Cables

This committee has developed multiple standards. These standards mainly focus on the features that must be available in electrical wires to ensure safety, consistency, quality, and reliability [5].

Some of these standards are;



AS 3158-2004 Rec:2016

Electric cables – Glass fiber insulated – For working voltages up to and including 0.6/1 (1.2) kV

AS 3983-1991 Rec:2016

Metal drums for insulated electric cables and bare conductors

AS/NZS 1026:2004 Rec:2017

Electric cables – Impregnated paper insulated – For working voltages up to and including 19/33 (36) kV


AS/NZS 1125:2001 Rec:2017

Conductors in insulated electric cables and flexible cords


AS/NZS 1194.1-1996 AMDT 1


Winding wires – Enameled round copper winding wires


AS/NZS 1194.2-1996 AMDT 1


Winding wires – Enameled rectangular copper winding wires

Are these Australian electrical standards mandatory?

The Standards Australia organization publishes voluntary standards. However, the local governments have the authority to refer to these standards in their legislation. This makes these standards mandatory and legally binding.

There are various regulatory bodies in Victoria which enforce these standards. If you are unsure about the level of compliance regarding any standard, you can contact or browse the websites of the following regulators in Victoria.


Most of these standards are mandatory in Victoria to ensure that the consumers are protected against electrical hazards due to faulty wiring and low-quality wires.

Therefore, if you are planning on a project, hire a licensed electrician with experience who can recommend you the best available wires according to your budget.

Should you do your electrical work by yourself

There are various websites and youtube channels that promote DIY activities. Although they say you can do it yourself, electrical work must be left to the professionals.

A licensed electrician will have the experience and expertise to perform your job according to the current rules and standards. They will use standard wiring methods and quality wires to ensure your safety and save you money in the long run.

Always try to seek the advice of a licensed electrician when buying wire. They know the most suitable option to fit your budget and ensure your safety.

MJ Electricians have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We know the value of your life and the hard-earned money. That’s why we always try to provide a service beyond your expectations. Place your trust in us, and we will guarantee that you will have an outstanding wiring system as our previous customers have.


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