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Electrical problems in your home that should never be ignored

Electrical problems in your home that should never be ignored

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Electrical problems that appear to be harmless, like a loose outlet or a damaged extension cord, if ignored for extended periods of time, can become hazardous. Never consider any electrical issue too small to take care of later.

Following are some of the most common electrical faults in homes and must be fixed at their earliest:

1. Sparking outlets

While it’s okay to see your outlets spark if you pull out the plug before switching off the appliance, this could be a warning sign for a bigger problem.

If you are using your appliance correctly and still experiencing this issue, there could be a problem of short-circuiting, causing too much heat around the receptacle. 

It’s also possible that your electrical outlets have aged and are sparking due to wear or becoming loose. Sparking also happens when water comes in contact with your outlets and could be deadly.

2. Power surges

A power surge is an unwarranted interruption in the electrical flow due to lightning strikes, restoration after a black out, or faulty wiring. 

When the same high-voltage electricity passes through a device plugged in, it could cause permanent damage to the appliance. While it may last for less than a nanosecond, the damage could be huge if your home is not surge protected.

3. Faulty Wiring

Your home could be at risk of electrical fire if it has bad electrical wiring. 

If your home is too old, the wiring cannot bear the load today’s appliances put on it, their protective coatings might be deteriorating, exposing the live wires, or you have attempted to do the wiring yourself; either way, it could pose a major risk to lives as well as your property. 

Getting an electrical wiring inspection of your home is worthwhile to ensure your haven is safe.

4. Light bulbs burning out

Flickering lights or your light bulbs burning out too frequently could be hazardous if you don’t take notice on time. 

Poor circuit connection, bad wiring, insulation too close or wattage too high can all be possible reasons. Make sure you get professional advice and get your burnt-out lighting inspected at the earliest.

5. Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks can be mild but are reminders that something is wrong with your electrical system. Faulty appliances, damaged or frayed extension cords, loose electrical outlets and electricity mixing with water are major reasons for electrical shocks. 

Installing safety switches on all circuits around your home is the best way to avoid electrical shocks.                   

We can help

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, then your home is at risk of an electrical hazard waiting to happen. 

Don’t wait. Schedule an electrical safety inspection and make sure your family and property is safe.

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