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Electrical Safety Tips for Stormy Weather and Flooding in Ballarat

Electrical Safety during storms and flooding in Ballarat

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When Ballarat experiences extreme weather conditions like storms, lightning, rain, and flash floods, it’s important to prioritize electrical safety in your home. These types of weather can pose serious electrical hazards, such as power outages, damaged electrical systems, and electrical shocks. You can protect your family and property from these hazards by following essential electrical safety tips. So, if you live in Ballarat, ensure you are prepared for extreme weather conditions and take the necessary steps to ensure electrical safety in your home.

But you can avoid the potential dangers of the ongoing severe weather conditions and make your home electrically safe by preparing your property for storms and flooding and knowing how to handle anything that runs on electricity.

Be safe with all electrical equipment and appliances

  • Get whole home surge protection to protect your appliances during voltage spikes during lightning.
  • Install safety switches on all circuits and remember to test them as soon as the storm warning is issued.
  • Be prepared. Know where to turn off your, power, including electricity, gas and, water in case of an emergency.
  • Any electrical equipment placed outside the home should be packed up and placed indoors where it’s safe.
  • Turn off all electrical appliances as soon as the storm hits.
  • Do not use a telephone connected to your landline, which can cause a potential electrical shock.
  • In case of partial power loss or a complete blackout, turn off all power points and plug all equipment.

Be safe with your solar PV system.

  • Before the storm approaches, use the safe isolation procedure e make sure you have shut off your solar PV system near the inverter.
  • Remember that shutting down the solar PV system only stops the inverter from supplying electricity to the connected system. The panel will still generate electricity, and the wiring from the panels to the inverter will still be live.
  • Once the storm has hit, stay away from the panels or the wiring and do not try to shut it off during this time.
  • Once the storm is over, call a licensed solar electrical contractor in Ballarat to check your system and all connected appliances before power can be turned on and the system starts functioning again.

in case of electrical Safety Damage

  • if the flooding or storm has hit the power supply connected to your property, you need to get your switchboards, wiring, electrical equipment and all appliances checked before you can rest assured that the electrical connection to your home is safe to use once again.
  • Dispose of any appliances damaged by the water and rendered unsafe for use by your electrician in Ballarat.
  • Keep clear of damaged switchboards, fallen power lines or any material you believe may conduct electricity.
  • Do not shower, do laundry, or do dishes during a storm or lightning.
  • Do not try to tempt doing your electrical work before, during or after the storm. Always call a local licensed electrician in Ballarat.

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, if your property has been hit by recent storms or flooding, call us for any repair and maintenance work to help restore electricity, equipment and appliances to normal.

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