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Emergency Electrical Services During COVID-19: Essential Safety Measures

Emergency Electrical

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Emergency electrical work cannot be put off to a later date. In order to keep your home electrically safe and sound, when you have a faulty switchboard, blackout, sparking plugs or flickering lights, you need to call your Ballarat Electrician right away to get it fixed.

However, given the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners and businesses might be wondering whether it’s a good time to hire an electrician in Ballarat or not.

Fair enough.

However, emergency electrical services are considered essential and it’s safest if your call your electrician rather than putting the job off making your home unsafe or worse, try to do it yourself which is not only unsafe but also illegal.

Having said that there are a few precautions you must take before your request an electrical service in Ballarat, during the job and once it’s completed.

Communicate with your electrician ahead of time

Don’t wait for an emergency to happen. If you are expecting to encounter an electrical problem, communicate with your electrician in Ballarat early if they are prepared with all the necessary gear to come and attend to your issue, without putting you or your family at risk of catching the virus. Also, get to know their consumer interaction policy during COVID-19 starting from greeting to payment and disinfecting the area before leaving. Communicating early will give them time to prepare and will keep your family safe.

Minimise visits by getting a quote on the phone during an Emergency electrical  situations

Unnecessary visits to your property will cost you more and expose your home to the virus. Contact your Ballarat electrician via email or phone to discuss your issue and if possible try to get a price estimate without having your electrician visit the property first.

Play your part!

Inform your electrician if someone in your home is sick/has been in contact with a suspected COVID 19 case, or has travelled abroad in the last 14 days when booking for service, so they can take extra precautions while they continue to serve you.

Try to keep the space clear where your electrician will be working to allow minimum contact with household items and to make it easier for them to clean up after work.

Use contactless payment

The virus can spread through cash handling. Try to use your credit card or online transaction to make payment to your electrician once the job is done.

Wrapping up

When getting an electrical repair or maintenance job done on your property during COVID-19, it’s the responsibility of both the electrician as well as the homeowner to keep in mind the safety precautions.

As socially responsible licensed electricians in Ballarat, we have implemented strict policies as per government guidelines to keep you and your property safe so you can keep your mind at peace when hiring MJ Electrical and Solar for your next job.

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