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Empowering Tips for Faulty Electric Power Points: Ballarat Electrician

How To Deal With Faulty Power Points

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When you don’t have enough electric power points in your home, having a working one in the place you want it seems like a blessing. Just plug in and run the appliance. That sounds simple enough!

But what if this most frequently used power point stops to work?

The only time we turn attention to our power point maintenance is when they stop working as they should.

As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we know that faulty power points can be an electrical danger in your home waiting to unleash, and you must fix faulty power points as soon as you notice the problem.

So what are some of the most common signs of a faulty power point in your home and how should you deal with them?

Sparking Electric Power Points

Even new power points installed correctly can spark when treated without care. sparking as you pull the cord while the appliance is still running or switching on or off appliances carrying heavy electrical loads is common.

But when neither of the above is the case, and your power point is still sparking, the issue is more significant than you think. The power point you are using might be of low quality and not be as per Australian standards. There could be loose wiring behind the casing, or the appliance you are trying to run might have a damaged cord or plug.

Damaged Electric Power Points with Wonky Switches

This is the most obvious warning sign for you not to use an electric power point. Good quality power points may last several years. But excessive use and the ones bought online may soon show problems.
If you notice shaky switches in your electric power point, cracks or some other sign of damage such as burnt/melted button/discolouration, leave this power point alone and ask for the professional help from a licensed electrician in Ballarat for electrical power point replacement.

Power Points Not Working, but the Lights are OK

Your household work may halt if your power points suddenly stop working simultaneously. But this issue might be smaller than you think.

 Most of the time, it’s because your safety switch has tripped. To check if that’s the reason, go to your switchboard and check out. Reset your safety switch.

If it trips again, immediately unplug the appliance you ran last and reset the safety switch. If the problem persists, the appliance may not be the problem, and you need to call your electrician in Ballarat to have a look.

Just One Electric Power Point is Not Working

This is an easy one. If just one power point is not working, you know the problem is with the PowerPoint alone, and it needs to be checked or replaced.

Wrapping up

Whether it’s just one power point or all of them, it’s too frustrating when you need electricity to get a job done, and an issue like this arises. As licensed electricians in Ballarat, we can help you with the inspection of your faulty power points and provide new power point installation and Electric Power Point replacement as required.

Feel free to call us at 03 4333 9117

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