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Install Safety Switches on All Circuits: Insights from a Ballarat Electrician

Ballarat Electrician Explains Why We Need To Install Safety Switches On All Circuits

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As licensed electricians in Ballarat, when we visit homes and recommend our clients to install safety switches on all circuits, we are asked more or less a similar question every time: I already have a safety switch. Isn’t one enough?

The answer we give them is “No”. You need to install safety switches on all circuits, and here’s why!

One is not enough!

Safety switches act as electricity monitors on the circuit they are installed to. Whenever a leakage of current is detected, a safety switch turns off the power in a fraction of a second, thus protecting you from getting an electric shock.

Appliances running on that circuit may be safe if you have a safety switch installed on just one circuit.

But what about the ones on which you still need to install it?

Safety switches should be installed on every home circuit, including power points, air conditioning, ovens, hot water system, lights and any electrical equipment in the pool.

What does the regulation say about installing safety switches
Governments across Australia have made installing safety switches mandatory in all new homes for power points and lighting circuits.

However, the law is somewhat lenient for existing homes, differs in every state and does not require having safety switches installed on all circuits.

Don’t become yet another stat.

Every year 15 people lose their lives due to fatal electric shocks caused by not having installed enough safety switches throughout the house.

That’s not all. Over 300 people get hospitalised for major burns or injuries caused by electric shocks.
Short story: safety switches save lives.

 And yours is way too important to give up just because you didn’t know the importance of safety switches.

Regular testing is just as important.

Your safety switches should not be an install-and-forget thing. They need to be tested for proper functioning every three months.

Press the T or test button on your switch board on your safety switch. If it flicks off and cuts the power, it works well.

You will notice that lights and appliances will not work when the safety switch is off. If the safety switch does not cut the power, talk to a licensed electrician in Ballarat to check your safety switches and fix the issue at the earliest.

Remember to turn the safety switch on once you have tested it.

Wrapping up

Nothing is more important than your life and the lives of your loved ones. The risk of not having safety switches installed is way too real to turn a blind eye to.

If your home needs safety switch installation, as licensed electricians in Ballarat, we can help make your home safe.

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