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The Critical Importance of Maintaining Industrial Machinery on Time

Why You Should Maintain Industrial Machinery and Equipment on Time - Mj electrical

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Industrial machinery and equipment will be used continuously in production for long hours. Therefore they should function smoothly and efficiently throughout the operational process.

However, most managers and supervisors neglect the importance of maintaining and servicing machinery on time. Maintaining and implementing a proper maintenance program is crucial for the smooth flow of the production line.

This article will show you how important it is to maintain and service industrial machines on time.

Importance of Timely Industrial Machinery Maintenance

1. Minimize the risk of machine downtime

Machine breakdowns can raise the costs of the business. No, we are not talking about the repair cost.

Machines should function continuously to achieve the optimum production capacity. When a machine breaks down, your production will get delayed. This could cause delays in stipulated completion time, leading to the loss of clients.

Machines would frequently break down when they are not serviced and maintained properly on time. They should be cleaned, oiled, and maintained accordingly. This would minimize the machine downtime and help to achieve the maximum production capacity.

2. Extend the lifetime of machinery

As said before, machine parts should be cleaned for dust and dirt and must be oiled or greased to function smoothly.

The machine will be subjected to excessive wear and tear if this is not done properly. This could reduce the lifetime of the machine significantly.

Therefore timely maintenance can improve and extend the lifetime of the machinery. As a result you can also avoid the machine replacement cost in the long run.

3. Avoid expensive repairs due to negligence

If you neglect the machine maintenance and services, it could damage parts of the machine. Once there is a damage, it could be expensive to repair the machine or replace the damaged parts.

You can easily avoid these unnecessary costs by servicing the machinery on time. Yes, you would have to spend money on services, but it is a lot cheaper than replacing or repairing the damaged parts.

4. Improves the efficiency of the machinery

Industrial machines will be heavily used in production. Therefore they will be subjected to significant wear and tear. This could reduce the efficiency of the machine.

As a result, your production would decline, and you will face difficulties attaining maximum production capacity. This can be costly for the business.

Therefore it is better to service and maintain the machines on time to achieve maximum efficiency.

5. Improves the safety of the employees

Faulty machines could increase the risk of hazards to the users. Therefore machines should be inspected and checked for faults from time to time. These faulty machines can cause electrical hazards and malfunctions, harming the users.

These threats can even be life-threatening. Therefore you should inspect the machinery more often and take action quickly.

6. Maximize warranty coverage

Most of the machinery comes with warranty coverage. However, some manufacturers specifically state that machinery should be serviced and maintained according to the proper standards to get the warranty cover.

If the users don’t follow these conditions, they will fail to get the manufacturer’s warranty claims. Therefore you should do the services and maintenance on time to get the benefit from warranty covers.

7. Improves the resale value

Machinery and equipment will be subject to a lot of wear and tear. Therefore their value will depreciate over time. If you don’t do the services on time and neglect proper maintenance, the value will depreciate further.

Therefore it won’t be easy to sell such machinery. However, if you follow a timely service schedule, you can minimize the wear and tear. This can improve the resale value of the machine, even if they depreciate over time.

8. Helps against insurance claims

Insurance coverage is crucial when running an industrial facility. The employees, machinery, and equipment should be insured against possible hazards.

Most injuries caused by machinery are preventable. However, thousands of employees will face traumatic and life-threatening hazards from machinery every year. One of the main reasons for these hazards is the lack of maintenance.

Therefore if you don’t follow proper maintenance procedures, you could be found negligent in providing a safe working environment for your employees.

This could make it difficult to get insurance claims against such accidents. However, if you follow proper procedures, you could recover the claims more easily.

What are the major factors which could damage the machinery?

Now that you know how important it is to maintain and service the machines on time, do you know why the machines would get damaged? Here are some of the most common reasons which could damage your machinery and equipment.

1. Negligent use

This is one of the main reasons that could damage a facility’s machinery and equipment. Most users would be careless when using a machine. Without proper training, they would use the machine wrong.

However, we cannot use the machines as we want. This could damage the machines in the long run.

2. Electrical issues

Have you checked the wiring in your facility? When adding machines to the facility, ensure your electrical system can handle the new load. If your electrical system is inadequate, it could malfunction and damage the equipment and machinery in your facility.

Therefore you should check whether your electrical system and wiring are sufficient to handle the machinery.

3. Dust and waste materials

Dust and waste materials would get built up over time inside the machine.  If they are not cleaned properly, it could block the machine parts, affecting its operations.

They must be cleaned often so that the machine can function smoothly.

4. Rodent issues

Are there any rodents in your facility? If so they could crawl inside the machine and damage it. Most of the time, rodents would damage the wiring of the machine and its parts.

Therefore you should take care of the rodent issue at your earliest convenience.

What should you do to maintain the machinery?

There should be a proper system and a continuous procedure to maintain and service the machinery in your facility.

  • Set up a process to analyze the situation of your facility and machinery to detect a problem before they become a real issue.
  • Provide proper training to the operators to handle the machinery correctly.
  • Assign responsibility and make a specific staff responsible for the wellbeing and smooth functioning of the machine.
  • Implement a maintenance schedule to check the machinery’s wear and tear and the facility’s electrical needs.

Why should you contact MJ Electrician?

A technician would service the machine and help to minimise its wear and tear. So why do you need an electrician? 

An electrician is needed to check the facility’s wiring and ensure that your electrical system has sufficient capacity to support all the industrial machinery.

It is compulsory to do all electrical work through a qualified electrician in Australia. Therefore if you are looking for an electrician, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are skilled and have served the Ballarat community for over two decades. We can provide the best electrical solutions for your facility, so your machines run smoothly.

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