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Motion Sensor Lights: A Smart Upgrade for Your Ballarat Home’s Lighting System


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Are you a fan of modern technology? Then motion sensor lights are an excellent option to upgrade the lighting system at your home or property.

The motion sensor lights have advanced technology, such as passive infrared (PIR) sensors. These sensors automatically turn the lights on in occupied spaces and turn them off in unoccupied spaces.

If you plan to install motion sensor lights, this article is for you.

How motion sensor lights will help you

Motion sensor lights are the next step in innovative lighting systems. Therefore, people use them for different reasons. Those reasons are:

1. To improve security

When you install motion sensor lights on the paths of entrances, they will light up automatically when someone comes into the vicinity.

This will help to keep the trespassers and the intruders away from your property.

2. Improves convenience

How would you feel if you didn’t have to flip a light switch again? If you like that feeling, then you should consider installing a motion sensor light.

They will automatically turn on when a space is occupied and turn off when its unoccupied.

3. Saves more energy

As said before, motion sensor lights will operate only when the area is occupied. Therefore it tends to save more energy, especially with an LED bulb.

4. Safe option when you arrive home in the dark

Have you ever felt doubtful or unsafe when you come back home after dark? Then this is the ideal option. Motion sensor lights will automatically turn on when you return back home.

Therefore this can also be considered a safety measure.

Do motion sensor lights work during the day?

Now that you know motion sensor lights will automatically operate when the area is occupied, you might wonder whether it operates during the day.

No, these lights are designed to operate only when it is dark. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the lights turning on when there is light in the room.

However, you can adjust to make some of these lights work all day long. This is going to consume more energy and increase the electricity bill. Therefore keeping the settings for nighttime use is crucial.

What are the types of motion sensor lights?

There are various types of sensor lights in the market. No, we are not talking about the brands here. These types of lights have different purposes and varying beam widths. Accordingly, these types are:


These are the lights that beam over a particular spot. Therefore they have a very low beam width. They are ideal to be fixed over a garage roller shutter, focusing underneath.


These are the lights with high beam widths. They are suitable for open areas such as pathways, entrances, swimming pool areas, lawns, etc.


These lights have a higher beam width than spotlights but lower than that of floodlights. Therefore, these lights are ideal for indoor areas, such as inside the garage or the living area.

Wall lights

These lights go on the wall and give an attractive look to your house and the surroundings.

Where should you install motion sensor lights?

You cannot place motion sensor lights anywhere you like. It has to be placed strategically to enhance its performance. Therefore you should know where to place the lights to get maximum use.

It is ideal to place these lights from 6-10 feet above the ground so that they can detect movements around a large radius.

That being said, you should know in which parts of the house or the property you should fix them too. Following are some of the most preferred and recommended areas to fix motion sensor lights.

  • In the Garage.
  • All home or property entrances.
  • Walkways and paths.
  • Open areas such as gardens and pools.

What should you look for when buying motion sensor lights

Well, if you ask a layman what to consider when buying motion sensor lights, they would probably say price and warranties. While they are essential, you should consider several other factors when buying them.

Type of bulb

There are various bulbs available in the market. Out of them, the LEDs are the most recent evolution. LEDs are more cost-efficient, save energy, durable, and have higher brightness for the power it consumes.

Therefore it is ideal if you could buy LED bulbs for your property. 

Other than LEDs, there are CFL and incandescent bulbs in the market. However, both of them are not as energy efficient as LEDs.

Source of power

Like every other light, motion sensor lights also require power. There are lights that use solar power and those that should be connected to the grid.

So if you are concerned about going green and saving money in the long run, solar-powered lights are for you.

Light range

You should consider the range of light you want. If you want to light up a large area then you should go with the floodlights.

Otherwise, you can install spotlights that only cover a limited area.


This is another crucial feature that you must consider. The reactivity refers to how quickly the light reacts. How long will it stay on after detecting motion? How close should a person come to the proximity of the sensor to activate it?

Make sure to question the reactivity of the lights and sensor before purchasing.


You should also consider the lifespan of the light. How soon should you replace them? Are they water-resistant or waterproof?

Cost of installing motion sensor lights

Various factors will determine the cost of installing motion sensor lights. In simple terms, the cost can be divided into two parts: labor and material.

The cost of each of the above categories will vary depending on various factors. They are the unit’s brand, the project’s size, whom you hire, how easy it is to access the placement locations, etc.

Therefore the cost will entirely depend on your project and whom you will hire. If you want to know how much your project would cost, obtain at least three quotations from three different electrical contractors.

However, if you are basing your decision entirely on the cost of the project, you should also consider the cost of energy that you will save in the long run. 

Hire a skilled electrician for installation

As you now know, installing motion sensor lights is a challenging task. They must be wired correctly and placed strategically to enhance their performance.

Therefore you should hire a skilled electrician or contractor for your project. That is where MJ Electrician comes in. We have served Ballarat for over two decades and are well-known among our clients in the area.

If you are looking for a licensed electrician in Ballarat, don’t hesitate to contact MJ Electrician.

Our team comprises qualified electricians who have performed hundreds of jobs.

If you want to add a wow factor to your lighting project, you should consider hiring us. We will provide a detailed quotation and ensure you get value for your money.

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