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Why electricity bills are so high, and how to fix


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The sudden rise in electricity prices has hit homeowners like a bombshell in the last couple of years, leaving many struggling to pay their bills. However, there are several ways to reduce electric bill and alleviate the financial burden.

Abnormally high electric bills can leave you scanning through any changes in your monthly use. You might also want to check appliances for energy leakage.

The first thing that comes to mind is if it’s just a big mistake on part of your energy provider!

The truth is if you are getting an unusually high electric bill there could be a number of factors contributing to it. Closely looking at each can help relieve you from getting a bill shock the next time.

Why is my electricity bill so high? How to reduce electricity bill 

Your electricity bill could be higher than usual; it could be because:

Change in household energy use


On the hotter days, more air conditioning could result in a spike in your energy use, especially from December through February.

On the other hand, during the cooler months from June through August, you could get a high electric bill. This is because you are spending too much time indoors and turning the electric heating on.

But household use is not restricted to the change in weather alone. Consider if your family has been spending more time at home. This could be quite true, given the recent series of lockdowns amid COVID-19.

Another factor could be if you have had visitors during this period of high energy bills. More people in the house means more energy use than on regular days. Think about the different washing machine, dishwasher cycles, and frequent hot showers.


Make changes to your energy consumption habits.

Small habits like plugging off the appliances when not in use can go a long way. Consider timing shorter showering and not running the washing machine or dishwasher during peak times. All of these can contribute to lowering your energy bills.

Energy-sucking old appliances or newly installed appliances

Old electric appliances could be one of the hidden reasons for abnormally high electric bills. Old appliances become less efficient over time and consume more energy for the same output.

This means that as your appliances age and begin to work beyond their useful life, they suck more energy. While the energy consumption has now increased you will still get the same level of output.

This applies equally to other energy sucking electric fixtures, such as old incandescent bulbs.

Sometimes it’s not the old appliances causing problems. It could be a new appliance that you have installed which is pulling extra power. When adding such appliances you can expect high bills.


Updating your home to more energy-efficient appliances and fixtures is a sure-shot way to save more. When buying new appliances, check for an energy star rating. Install LED lights and reduce your carbon footprint by going solar.

Look for energy leaks

Why is my electricity bill so high when I did even use this energy?

With energy leaking in the house, you could be paying for energy you never got to use.

The gaps connecting your air conditioner’s inner and outer units is a common culprit. Then there are gaps under the doors, around the windows and inside the cupboards.

All of these add up to make a leaky house. Chimneys and vents that let the inside air escape, are also worth looking at.

Also consider looking for appliances that might be plugged in when not in use and draining the energy without your knowledge.


Properly insulating your home’s flooring, windows, doors and any other openings will help seal the leaks. Insulating the house will stop the inside air from escaping and outside air from entering.

New meter or faulty meter

If your meter has been changed recently, it could be possible that the old meter was reading the usage incorrectly. With the new meter, you are now getting the correct reading; hence you got an electricity bill too high.


Get your electricity meter tested by a licenced electrician to make sure its reading is correct. Also, make sure that the reading on the meter and that on your bill match.

Rise in energy prices

Last but not least is the chance that the overall energy prices have soared. When this happens, you get a high electricity bill like everyone else.


Begin by comparing energy plans and switch to one with a fixed rate to save yourself from a bill shock. Make sure the discounts you have applied for are still valid. Also, check if the rebate you are eligible for has been used by your energy retailer to your bill.

Why should you hire a professional electrician?

If you have got a high electricity bill, hiring a professional electrician can help you with the following:

  • Conduct a detailed home energy audit to identify energy-sucking appliances. Also, check faulty energy meters or areas where energy leaks from the house.
  • Remove old, outdated appliances and replace them with new energy-efficient appliances.
  • Automating your electrical system so your heating, cooling and lighting is turned on only when used.
  • Provide expert advice on the best appliances to buy and actions to take to keep energy bills to a minimum.

As licenced electricians in Ballarat, MJ Electrical can help you with the above.

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