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Roller Shutter Installation Ultimate Guide for Your Property


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Roller shutters have various benefits, even for a home. They could increase the safety, privacy, and value of your property. There are various kinds of roller shutters in the market, which cater to the different needs of the customers. Therefore you must know how to pick the most suitable shutter for your project.

This article will give you some tips that you must consider before roller shutter installation.

What is your purpose?

There are various benefits of installing roller shutters in your home. People have installed roller shutters for different reasons. Some of them are for safety, privacy, convenience, and to increase the value of their homes.

The roller shutter will also help keep your house cool during the summer since the shutters will block the sunlight penetrating your home.

Your choice of the shutter should depend on your intention of installing it. The color, the material, and the shutter’s design will play a significant part when achieving your purpose.

For example, a light-colored shutter would attract less heat, but it might not match the exterior color of your house.

Do you want an electric or manual shutter?

Did you know that there are both manual and electric roller shutters? The manual shutters are more affordable and have a low maintenance cost. However, it could take time and more effort to open the shutter manually.

On the other hand, electric shutters are costly and have more maintenance costs. However, electrical shutters are fast and convenient.

What if there is a power break in the area? How will you open the electric shutters? Don’t worry if there is a power break in the area, you can open them manually too.

What is the degree of control you need over the shutters?

The roller shutters come in both manual and electric operating features. While manual roller shutters are cheap, the electric shutters will give you a higher degree of control.

You will get a remote with an electric shutter, giving you sole control over the operations. So if you want a higher degree of control,improved security and convenience, then it is better to select automatic roller shutters for your home.

Where would you do roller shutter installation?

Now that you have figured out the above facts, you must consider where you want to install roller shutters. The roller shutters can be installed on your windows, doors, and garage entrances.

If you want high privacy and security, you could consider installing them on the doors. You could install it as a garage door if you want to increase the security and convenience.

Now there is a current trend of installing roller shutters on the windows. This will block the sunlight and keep your house cool while increasing the privacy of your home.

Should you re-arrange the previous set-up?

Are you planning to install shutters on a house that is already constructed? If so, you might have to re-arrange the previous set-up of the place where you are installing the roller shutter.

For example, there must be a strong and tall wall to install a roller shutter for your garage. If you don’t have a wall, you might have to build it.

The best option is to contact the shutter company and inquire about the physical requirements and arrangements you must fulfill to install the roller shutters.

From where do you want to operate the shutter

Did you know that some of the manually operated shutters could be opened from the outside? We believe such shutters are suitable for industrial facilities rather than a home.

However, if you are using a manual shutter for the door or the garage at your home, you must consider the options of operating it from both inside and outside. This is since you have to open the shutter from outside when entering the house or the garage.

If you choose an electric shutter, this wouldn’t be an issue. You can operate it from anywhere within the range of the remote.

What material do you want?

The roller shutters come in a wide variety of materials, ranging from solid wood to steel. The shutter material will play a key role in achieving your desired intentions.

Here are some of the materials from which the roller shutters are made of.

Aluminum – This is the most common type of material used. It is durable, strong, and trendy. It’s free from corrosion and cost-effective too. Aluminum shutters will help to improve security, and privacy. This is ideal for homes.

Wooden – The wooden shutters will give the most elegant, classy look to your home. Since the shutters are made of natural wood, it would reduce the risk to your health. Wooden shutters are also durable but need a good maintenance routine. These shutters are strong, but not as much as aluminum and steel.

Transparent or polycarbonate – This is a water-resistant material that helps against rain and snow. These shutters do not do much to improve your privacy since they are transparent. Although they are transparent, the shutters will help to keep the glare and sunlight away from your house. Polycarbonate shutters are not fire-resistant and could be more expensive.

Steel – This is a highly durable and strong material that can withstand enormous pressure. This is mostly suitable for industrial and commercial facilities rather than a home. Steel shutters can also be more expensive.

How much are you willing to spend on the project

It would help if you had a rough idea about your spending capacity for the project. Once you have determined your capacity, contact at least three roller shutters retailers and get their quotes.

When you get the quotes, make sure that they mention the size of the shutter, warranty period, after-sales services, which damages they will cover, cost breakup (for their service, shutter, etc.), etc.

This will allow you to find the most suitable option according to your budget.

Do you need an electrician?

Are you planning to install an electronic roller shutter? Then you need the service of an electrician to get an extended power outlet to power up the shutter.

Even if you install manual shutters, you might need the help of an electrician to add decorative lights to make the shutters more elegant and trendy.

Don’t try to do it yourself. It can be risky for your life. When you choose an electrician, ensure they have the required licenses and qualifications to work as an electrician.

If you are looking for qualified electricians, do not hesitate to contact MJ Electricians. We have been in business for over 20 years and have served Ballarat and nearby areas.

We will give you a detailed quote fast so that you can compare it with others. Most importantly, we are not just limited to words; we provide 24/7 assistance in emergencies.

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