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6 Essential Electrical Safety Check Tips for Spring in Ballarat

Electrical Safety Check

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As the spring season approaches, it’s time to conduct an Electrical Safety Check in your home and start ticking off important items on your checklist to keep your home free of electrical hazards

When it comes to electricity, at MJ Electricians Ballarat, we believe that safety comes before anything else. So we have made a complete checklist of spring electrical safety tips you should remember when entering the next season.

1. Check your RCDs

It takes just a few minutes to check these compulsory life-saving switches that can prevent serious electrocutions and even death. 

Testing your RCD will ensure that your device is operating correctly. Switch off all electrical appliances before pressing the RCD test button on your switchboard. If the RCD switch automatically trips, it’s working fine. 

Switch on electrical appliances to make sure there is no electricity supply. Once checked, reset the RCD by returning the switch to ‘on’. If the RCD is not working correctly, contact MJ Electrician Ballarat to fix the issue.

2. Check appliances for proper functioning

You might have packed a few appliances like a lawnmower, ice makers, dehumidifiers, decorative lights, and pedestal and table fans before the winter season kicked in. 

But as the weather changes, it’s time to take them out. 

But don’t start using them just as yet. 

Check them for any frayed wiring, heat marks, damage, etc. if there is an issue, get your electrician in Ballarat to fix it before putting them to use again.

3. Get fans installed and the air-conditioner serviced

Summer is the peak time to be running your air-conditioners, and getting them serviced when the hotter days have already kicked in, means paying big bucks for emergency services. Spring season, on the other hand, is the perfect time to get your air-conditioners ready to be rolling, get your fans checked for proper functioning and get new fan installation in Ballarat.

4. Do some spring cleaning

After cooking indoors for so many months, your stove’s hood is bound to collect food particles, dust and grease built up. Time to clean the filter and degrease the outer surfaces. Vacuum coils behind your refrigerator and clean dryer ducts.

With the sun shining with full force, make sure you are making the most of the sunlight by clearing your solar panels of all dust and debris accumulated over the months.

5. Electrical safety check for your pool

While lights in and around the pool look amazing, water and electricity do not mix. Check your collection for damaged or faulty pool lights and wiring. Inspect your pool pump for optimal performance and install power points at a distance rather than taking extension cords near the pool.

6. Avoid DIYs when it comes to electricity

Spring is the best time to give your home a fresh new look. 

But when it comes to adding new lights to introduce energy efficiency, additional power points to run the new appliances you have bought or fan installation to beat the heat, it’s best to leave electrical work to a licensed electrician in Ballarat rather than trying to do it yourself. 

Not only is it illegal to do your electrical work, but it will probably be the last work you will ever do if something goes wrong. DIY electrical is that risky!

Wrapping up

Is your home ready to welcome the spring season with open arms? 

If you need to get your home inspected for electrical safety or fix a few issues around the house before the spring is in full swing, please get in touch with us via email or call.

We have licensed electricians in Ballarat with decades of experience in solar installations and all electrical repair and maintenance.

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