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When to call a professional electrician in Ballarat

When to call a professional electrician in Ballarat 1

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Today, everything from our homes to offices and entertainment is powered by electricity. This makes the safe use, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems paramount. 

The convenience that comes with electricity holds us responsible for keeping these systems reliable and safe at all times. Hence, a professional must carry out all electrical work. You should avoid DIYs at all costs.

With this goal in mind, let’s understand the role of a professional electrician. Let’s also look at some of the situations when you might need to hire a professional electrician. These could be to get your next installation, maintenance, or repair job done.

Hiring a professional electrician vs. DIY

Hiring a professional electrician vs. DIY

A professional electrician is more than just a technician. Qualified electricians undergo rigorous studies and apprenticeship programs. They also have years of experience understanding various systems, and working under different conditions, for various clients. 

These professionals are licensed electricians who are well-versed in local electrical codes and regulations. This ensures that all installation and maintenance work they perform meets quality and safety standards. Their expertise and experience are thus, priceless. 

DIY work might seem to come cheap at the start, but has several drawbacks. Since it is not done by a qualified electrician, the chances that it may go wrong are very high.

DIY work may soon turn into expensive electrical repairs. This renders you, your family, and your home unsafe. You might even have a run with the law for illegally carrying out your electrical work. 

Common signs that you need the help of a professional electrician

You will need the help of a professional electrician in several instances:

  1. When something is not working as it should.
  2. When you need to get a new system installed.
  3. When you need to get something fixed urgently.

Let’s dive deeper into each of these scenarios. 

When your electrical system is not working as it should

Your home’s electrical system is quite complex and several things can go wrong. Let’s look at some of the most common electrical problems and when to call for help.

No power

No power

Power outages can be due to several factors. These include severe weather conditions and electrical faults with the grid. However, when it’s just your home plunged into darkness, a professional electrician might be able to help you out. 

You might have a problem with your circuit breaker or the issue could be bigger than that. It’s a good idea to ask for expert help to get your power back.

Flickering lights

As opposed to what we see in Hollywood movies, flickering lights are not due to supernatural activity in the house. 

It can be annoying to see your lights getting dim and bright, and then dim again. However, the issue is more than just the bother they cause. The culprit behind flickering lights, in most cases, is a loose connection or bad wiring. Get an electrician to check what’s wrong.

Blown fuses

Blown fuses

Fuses help protect our appliances from getting more electricity when they shouldn’t. Hair dryers, microwaves, and vacuum cleaners are some energy-consuming appliances. They can put too much load on your circuit breaker, causing it to trip. 

However, when they keep on blowing or tripping, it can be a warning sign. Frequent blown fuses warrant a thorough inspection from a professional electrician.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors

A smoke detector, a seemingly simple device, plays a vital role in protecting you and your family. You will need to get expert help for this. Only a qualified electrician knows the best places to install a smoke detector. This alerts you in the event of a fire. 

Smoke detectors also need to be inspected from time to time, to ensure they are working properly. They are also important in factories and plants, for which you might need to hire an industrial electrician.

Safety switches

Safety switches protect your appliances from power surges. They trip when there is too much load, preventing your appliances from burning down. There can also be problems with your safety switches due to faulty wiring. Safety switches can also become faulty when water enters the ceiling and affects the power circuit. 

If you get a tingle when touching an appliance or powerpoint, it’s time to get an electrician to check it. 

Any of the above-mentioned problems warrant the help of a qualified, professional electrician. This will ensure all electrical systems and appliances at your home or office are functional and safe. 

When you need to get a new installation done

You will also need to call a professional electrician for your advanced electrical needs. These include:

Home automation

Home automation:

As more and more homes are moving towards home automation, installation of smart devices is becoming more common. Everything from lights, temperature, doors, and windows can now be controlled through your smartphone. However, to work efficiently, all these devices, appliances, and software need to be properly connected. A professional electrician can set up your smart home in no time and ensure everything works smoothly.

Security alarms and CCTV

Security alarms and cameras need to be strategically installed in the right places. This ensures they cover all entrance points, protecting your home from intruders. Imagine the doorbell rings, but your security camera doesn’t show you who is at the door. 

Doesn’t sound too helpful, right? Hence these need to be set up correctly by a professional electrician.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Setting up outdoor lights is more than just hanging a light on your porch or driveway. They don’t just serve to enhance the look of your property. They also lighten up appropriate places at night to keep your property safe. 

Outdoor lights need to be weatherproofed to last longer. Sometimes underground wiring is required as there are no walls outdoors that could hide the wiring. That’s where expert help comes in handy. 

Appliance installation

Appliance installation is not always as simple as plugging in a toaster. For large appliances like air conditioners, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, and clothes dryers, safe wiring is required. Your electrician also needs to make sure that the current electrical system can handle the extra load of new appliances.

This prolongs the appliance’s useful life and keeps you and your family safe. 

When you have an emergency

Your home’s electrical system has many moving parts and despite vigilant upkeep, things can go wrong unexpectedly. 

Electrical emergencies can pop up at the most inconvenient hour. Sometimes it’s during the holiday season and sometimes in the middle of the night. Not addressing emergencies on time, can pose serious safety risks. 

Some of the emergencies when you’ll need the help of a professional electrician include the following:

Faulty or exposed wiring

Faulty wiring are fire hazard waiting to happen. Exposed wiring, on the other hand, can cause fatal shocks and fire when comes in contact with flammable objects. Older buildings are more likely to have such electrical emergencies. 

Malfunctioning appliances

Malfunctioning appliances

A faulty appliance halts our daily life activities. That being said, they are more than just an inconvenience. They can overheat, spark, or cause electrical shocks. Hence these need to be treated as electrical emergencies.

Always unplug the appliance and call for professional help.  

Disabled security system

The security of your property may be compromised due to disabled alarms or security cameras. This needs to be addressed on an emergency basis, as a disabled security system makes your property vulnerable to break-ins. Also, consider regular maintenance of your security system to avoid this coming up as an emergency.

Power outage

No power, no life. Full stop. Prolonged power outages in one or more parts of your property, disrupts our routine and can be a nuisance. It poses the risk of hazards due to low visibility, such as tripping from the stairs or bumping into objects.

Power outage should be treated as an electrical emergency, and you should get professional help for this. 


Our homes are places where we seek peace, comfort, and safety. Deferring electrical repair and maintenance work can have serious consequences. It can turn our happy place into a danger zone. 

Electrical work is not a hobby to pursue on a lazy Sunday afternoon. DIY electrical work is not only risky but also illegal. This job needs expertise and license. A professional electrician must be hired whether you need a repair, installation, or emergency work done. 

Professional electricians will provide tailored solutions to your electrical needs. They are well-equipped with the best technology and knowledge of craftsmanship. Moreover, they can provide you with a service that’s reliable and meets safety standards. 

MJ Electricians are licensed, insured, qualified, and certified electricians in Ballarat. We have over 20 years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work. We have the skills and expertise to take care of your next electrical project. 

We are committed to delivering quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. 

Call us today for an obligation-free quote and get the help of a professional electrician right away! 

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